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      Cinema Release
      BROTHERHOOD - 2nd September 2016
      Production Designer – Monica Black



      COLD FEET - 5th September – 6th November 2016 weekly on ITV @ 9pm 
      1st Assistant Director
      Liam Lock (Eps 7,8)


      PARANOID - 22nd September - 10th November 2016 weekly on ITV1 @ 9pm  
      Director of Photography
      Dirk Nel
      (Eps 1-6)
      Production Designer
      John Collins (Eps 4-8)
      Editor – Josh Cunliffe (Eps 7, 8)


      THE LODGE - 23 September - 25 November 2016 weekly on The Disney Channel @ 5:30pm
      Editor – Emma Collins (Eps 6-10)

    • DAMNED

      DAMNED - 27 September - 01 November 2016 weekly on Channel 4 @ 10:00pm
      Production Designer – Jeff Sherriff

Latest news

September 2016


A big CMM welcome to 1st Assistant Director -  Graham Drover!


In Cinemas this month…

BROTHERHOOD - First came Kidulthood, then Adulthood and now the third and final instalment hits our screens with Sam facing up to a new world and new dangers. Luckily there are always old friends around to help a brother out.   Featuring Noel Clarke, Olivia Chenery, Steven Cree.
Director: Noel Clarke    Producers: Noel Clarke, George Isaac, Jason Maza, Maggie Monteith, Gina Powell.
Production Designer – Monica Black


THE BROTHER – Adam Diamond is forced to confront his past after trying to embark on a new trouble free life. He meets Claire, a former dancer and both are drawn together by their troubled past. Adam’s past resurfaces when he receives an anonymous call that threatens his new found peace.     Featuring Anthony Head, Tygh Runyan, Belinda Stewart-Wilson.
Director: Ryan Bonder    Producer: Ryan Bonder
Production Sound Mixer – Nigel Albermaniche
Script Supervisor – Liz West


SCOTTISH MUSSEL – Romantic comedy about Ritchie, who retreats to the Scottish Highlands to make his fortune as a pearl fisher, only to fall head over heels in love with Beth, an environmental conservationist.     Featuring Tallulah Riley, Martin Compston, Morgan Watkins
Director: Tallulah Riley    Producers: Noel Clarke, Cassian Elwes, Jason Maza, Phil Dore
Production Designer – Monica Black
Editor – Lewis Albrow


On TV this month…


POLDARK – Ross Poldark returns for season two in the TV hit POLDARK, picking up where he left off only this time returning from the Revolutionary War and the death of his cousin.         Featuring Aiden Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson, Heida Reed
Directors: Will St Clair, Charlie Palmer, Richard Senior    Producer: Margaret Mitchell
Co-Producer – Roopesh Parekh
Editor – Adam Green (Eps 1, 2, 5)
Production Sound Mixer – Bruce Wills


COLD FEET – Beloved UK Drama about 30 somethings makes a comeback 13 years later as they navigate through middle age and highs and lows of life and relationships.     Featuring James Nesbitt, John Thompson, Fay Ripley
Director: Terry McDonough    Producer: Rebecca Ferguson
1st Assistant Director – Liam Lock (Eps 7,8)


PARANOID – In a small fictional town in Cheshire, the murder of a female GP unfolds into a deeper mystery taking a group of detectives all over Europe to search for answers.  Featuring Indira Varma, Robert Glenister, Neil Stuke, Lesley Sharp and Kevin Doyle 
Directors: Mark Tonderai, Kenny Glenaan, John Duffy    Producer: Tom Sherry
Director of Photography – Dirk Nel (Eps 1-6)
Production Designer -  John Collins (Eps 4-8)
Editor – Josh Cunliffe (Eps 7, 8)


NATIONAL TREASURE – An original Channel 4 Drama about a well-loved celebrity whose life falls apart when he is accused of sexual offences.     Featuring Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters, Andrea Riseborogh
Director: Marc Munden    Producer: John Chapman
Make-Up & Hair Designer – Jody Williams
Production Sound Mixer – Nigel Albermaniche
Script Supervisor – Liz West


THE LODGE – Skye is like any other girl, but unlike any other girl, Skye is trying to save a hotel and to solve the mystery of her mother’s past whilst all of it is filmed on reality TV.   Featuring Sophie Simnett, Bethan Wright, Jade Alleyne
Director: Dez McCarthy    Producer: Ray Lau
Editor – Emma Collins (Eps 6-10)

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