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Latest releases

    • Breaking The Bank

      Cinema Release
      Breaking The Bank
      3 June 2016
      1st Assistant Director - Olly Robinson


    • Agatha Raisin

      Agatha Raisin
      7 June 2016 weekly on Sky1 @ 9pm
      Editor - Josh Cunliffe (Eps 3,4,7,8)


    • Barbarians Rising

      Barbarians Rising
      22 June 2016 weekly on The History Channel @ 9pm
      Editor - Lewis Albrow
      1st Assistant Director - Liam Lock (Ep 8) 



    • The Living and The Dead

      The Living and The Dead 
      17 June 2016 on BBCiplayer 
      Editor - Alastair Reid (Ep 5)




Latest news

June 2016

A huge CMM welcome to Arianna Dal Cero and Jan Walker – webpages coming soon! 


In Cinemas this month…


BREAKING THE BANK – This hilarious comedy tells the story of Sir Charles Bunbury, chairman of the 200-year-old family run British bank Tuftans. Caught between two rival acquisition offers, with the Japanese and the Americans both vying for control, can he raise the stakes, risk it all and come out on top in this war of the bankers?  Featuring Kelsey Grammar, Tamsin Grieg, Matthew Horne
Director: Vadim Jean    Producers: Tom Swanston, Jake Seal
1st Assistant Director – Olly Robinson


On TV this month...


AGATHA RAISIN- Based on the series of Novels by M.C Beaton this fantastically quirky and funny crime drama series follows the endearing- Cotswold dwelling- amateur sleuth on her entertaining yet grisly trips into the unknown. Murder mystery with an entertaining twist!  Featuring Ashley Jensen, Matthew Horne, Jamie Glover
Directors: Geoffrey Sax, Paul Harrison    Producer: Matthew Mulot
Editor – Josh Cunliffe (Eps 3,4,7,8)


BARBARIANS RISING is a visceral journey into the heart of possibly the greatest rebellion of all time. Over 8 blood soaked episodes we follow this exciting slice of history through the eyes of the rebel leaders who refused to lie down in the face of tyranny and tribal genocide. The series explores their 700-year fight and ultimate defeat of the mighty Roman Empire. Welcome to the world of the Barbarian hoards.  Featuring Nicholas Pinnock, Ben Batt, Kirsty Mitchell
Directors: Simon George, Declan O’Dwyer    Producer: Becky Hayman
Editor – Lewis Albrow
1st Assistant Director – Liam Lock (Episode 8) 


THE LIVING AND THE DEAD - This brand new supernatural thriller set in Victorian England follows the lives of a bright young couple as they inherit a farm and begin their lives together. Soon however, it turns out that the farm holds much more than they had bargained for.  Featuring Colin Morgan, David Oakes, Chole Pirrie. 
Directors: Samuel Donovan, Alice Troughton    Producer: Eliza Mellor
Editor - Alastair Reid (Ep 5)




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